Model #6 from the hood of a BMW 5 GT

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Sunlight is healthy. It enables the essential production of vitamin D, which strengthens our bones. Yet, exposure to sunlight can have negative effects. Like your skin, the eyes can be vulnerable to UV rays, an invisible component of sunlight. Depending on its frequency, UV radiation is divided into three categories: UVA, UVB and UVC. Only UVA and part of UVB reach the earth’s surface, while UVC-rays are effectively filtered out by the ozone layer. We’ve chosen the best Lenses for our glasses and teamed up with HOYA.

HOYA UV400 sunglasses reflect 100%  of UVA and UVB radiation, no matter how intense the sunlight.

The materials used to make these glasses can differ
from product to product. Every car manufacturer uses
a different type of metal or plastic to make their doorpanels
and bonnets.
The frames are made from either aluminum or steel,
depending on make and model. We’ve cut out the
frame with a waterjet to preserve the original paintwork.

3D printed parts
We’ve designed different types of joints and nosepads.
These parts are made with a 3d printer. Should these parts
wear off, you can have them replaced. DRIVEN EYEWEAR
is designed for dissassembly. Please go to your
nearest DRIVEN EYEWEAR dealer or contact us if you
want new hinges, joints or nosepads.

Soft earpiece
We’ve shrinkwrapped the parts of the glasses that
rest on your ears for a comfortable ride.

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